St Matthews Debating Team Visits Bhisho Parliament. “SOPA 2017”

On the 11 of March 2017 the debate team represented St Matthews in Bhisho parliament. St Matthews was invited to the Eastern Cape Legislature in Bhisho to observe The State Of The Province Address Schools Debate 2017.We were very honoured to be one of the schools amongst the other schools to be chosen for the SOPA debate 2017.

There were four categories and in each category our learners participated, and delivered a speech. Overall winner of 2016 delivered a message of support, and then the premier “Mr Pumullo Musualle” delivered his speech. After the speech of the premier, the winners were announced from each category.

Thank you to our supportive principal and teachers for always supporting our debating team.


St Matthews High School Visits Addo, Port Elizabeth – Columba Leadership Academy

During this past term on the 12th of February 2017, twelve learners from St Matthews High School visited Addo, Port Elizabeth. The twelve learners were chosen based on their essay that was written about “What would I like to change about my school, community and themselves”.

The 12 learners visited Columba Leadership Academy, learners learned about awareness, focus, creativity, integrity, perseverance and service as a leader. Quote of the day “Sharing resources selfishly and effectively, using your strength and experience to take meaningful action, let all contribute to the greater good”

Let us all activate the inner leader in ourselves as individuals, and remember we all have the potential to be a leader you just need to push in the right direction.

By Mbalentle Mafai Grade 11