Siyanda Trust Scholarship 2021

Siyandisa Trust Scholarship for St Matthews learner.

A candidate who is doing Grade 12 in St Matthew’s High school, by the name Mbuka Likho, was able to land a scholarship from Siyandisa Trust.  His plans for the next year are that he intends to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Witwatersrand. He dreams of being an inspiration to his peers in his community and to be a well known Economist. Such a rare career to be chosen by a student but this learner believes in dreams. Now as a future economist he believes that he’ll create job opportunities for the youth in his community to decrease the unemployment rate, which is good because the community will benefit alot of things from him. He says that such things require a group effort and he is hopeful that he’ll meet those requirements of acceptance for the scholarship. He knows that and he is certain that the people who’ll support him is Siyandisa.

Likho Mbuka said the story behind him achieving many things academically was that he knew this scholarship will make a big difference in his life also in his tuition as it will be an opportunity to plough back by making a positive impact in his community. Mr Mbuka believes as an individual that he’ll always be an inspiration to his peers and schoolmates. Basically his story is all about being a role model and a motivator too, who’s able to inspire others. ” At the end of the day. I’m a person who’s all about actualizing aspirations. I am a tenacious young black child will to strive and hoping others will strive too. ” He said. Mbuka felt very excited and hugely privileged for this opportunity of being awarded.

When he was asked to give a message to the youth, he said ” The most important thing that I’ll tell the youth is that one must invest time in knowing themselves. We are products of our internal dialogue and external circumstances are reflection of those. It is important for one to have a strong belief and assertion to revealing your aspirations. Consistent hard work will keep one afloat for as long as you stick to these values and aspirations. You are more than capable, hard work pays off. Jonga Phambili Uzingise , look ahead and perserve, as our school motto says ” As I asked my fellow schoolmate this particular question he showed being courageous and being an intellect because he believes dreams do come true indeed.

Given a question, ” A quote that inspires you? ” The candidate responded and said that his favorite quote is ” If you hear a voice within you saying you can’t paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced, ”

” I would like my peers to think of this quote every time they feel disheartened, they should remember that there are no limits to their success. ” He said.

Motivation for people who want this scholarship? ” Work and maintain high percentages, especially the final report of Grade 11, always aim high percentages in all your subjects. Learn until you know it, the sky is the limit. Also remember that one’s future should never be determined by his/her background it literally doesn’t matter where you come from. ” Such powerful and aspiring words from our candidate, Likho Mbuka. This student is making history in our school, something that will leave a mark in our school and it’ll be unforgettable because he is the first student in our school to get a Siyandisa Scholarship. Now this is history , let history repeat itself, Saint Matthew’s.

LRC 2021

At the beginning of the year St Matthew’s High school learners had to elect their LRC representatives. This seemingly simple project took longer to organize due to the COVID Regulations that meant the learner could not all be at school at the same time. Eventually everything was organized and we were all able to vote. We elected for LRC President Likho Ngemtu,  for the first time we have 2 Deputy Presidents,Sipumeze Mkuli and Lisakhanya Gadu. The three of them had to deliver speeches talking about their main aims for the school. Now, the question is, ” Are they willing to make history? ” Well, their actions will have to prove that.

Likho Ngemtu said ” My main focus about this school are three Rs which are reach, respect and relationship. Going to relationship, it is literally one of my first priorities will be to create opportunities for everyone to display their skills and talents. Secondly I would like to create an atmosphere of respect in classrooms. Thirdly let us strive to reach our full potential. ” Now from my knowledge quoting and listening attentively to what the school president was addressing to the pupils I believe that he is trying to brief us about the key aspects, actually the important things or the basics of what makes a school perfect and recognizable which is : discipline. Such powerful words by our president.

Sipumeze Mkuli , the Vice President of the school. She basically gave us the definition of her name and she ought to believe that her name carries leadership, indicates aspects of destiny and luck, evokes cheerfulness and shrewdness, also willing to reap and to soar. Such a scarce thing to do while presenting a speech was when she used a couple of Xhosa words which is good but also unique and  rare. She said this, I quote, ” Ukuze siphumelele, simele sikulungele ukuncama izinto ezithile ukuze siphumeze izigqibo zethu. ” Her main focus for the school was characteristics and qualities of being a student / candidate, she illustrated this by means of using a pencil as an example. Which a the five qualities of a pencil, she said. In those qualities she involved God, also a pencil always leaves a mark, a pencil that is not a wooden exterior but the graphic insight so meaning being humble and respecting the learners and teachers is what matters lastly she involved mistakes that a pencil can be erased meaning you can learn from your mistakes. It was indeed a powerful speech because she involved characteristics, challenges and life lessons which is what we face each and everyday.

Last but not least , Lisakhanya Gadu the Vice President who will be in charge when it comes to the school hostel, hostel dwellers and so on. Basically everything that has to do with the school hostel. Ms Gadu talked mainly about creating history in our school not just the school but making history in our country in the next years as black children. I quote, ” My main focus is to change St Matthew’s High school into the best vision of itself which education, sports and discipline, actually changing many narratives. Firstly the narrative of thinking that we as black children are inadequate. Secondly thinking that our success is limited and knowing change is indeed a difficult transition. As an individual I believe we can push and actualize what we want to achieve as pupils and also as a school premises by never giving up. At the end of the day it’s all about believing and making decisions now in that, that is what I believe as Vice President ” By observing and listening to her speech I take a very tenacious and fearless young lady. That was unique and enticing speech.

Message From LRC President

To me this year came as a year of improvement, progress and change, but if we are not careful with how we manage our time all of this will come as false proof. It said that “time is the most valuable thing” now we all have to us it efficiently by using those seconds in minutes as if they are not hours. As period of this year goes it will be better it what we will reap. Now we all have to utilise our present and don’t be afraid to dream for the future. I have heard a talk about a ladder and levels, it is said that when climbing up a ladder one has got to be patient, attentive and very focused for so they will not miss a step and goals will be achieved.

When we were taught vowels at pre-school they were just meaningless letters. But today they are the driven force to climb the ladder, if we only look at them in this way:

  • A= accountability we must all be accountable for our doings.
  • E= excellence excel in all that you do because all is possible.
  • I= integrity be honest with who you are and your dreams to achieve.
  • O= obedience obey those who are above you and willing to support in every way.
  • U= unifier try to unite in all that you do because we are a team.

My dream is not mine but ours to fullfill.

By: Maweza Luyolo – 2015 LRC President

Mine shaft head gear

What is a mine shaft?

A mine shaft is a structure used to carry miners and minerals to/from the work level. A mine shaft has structural members that work in different ways. Mine shafts are made out of steel and iron to make them strong.

Members of the mine shaft

Members of the mine shaft have different characteristics. The members are as follows:Pulley-is used to pull the elevators that carry miners and minerals to/from the work level. In a mine shaft, two pulleys are required. Crank-it’s a pole used to keep a pulley in place whilst the pulley rotates. Rope-this kind of steel rope must be strong in order for it should be able to withstand heavy loads.

Kinds of bracing used in a mine shaft

In order for a mine shaft to remain rigid, the bracing must be cross bracing. This kind of bracing makes the mine shaft rigid.

How important are mine shaft

Mine shafts are important because they bring minerals to the surface which help build up the economy. They carry important minerals to the surface which help sustain the economy.

Where are mine shafts situated?

Mine shafts occur in places which are high in minerals, for example Gauteng and Kimberly. Sometimes they can be seen in television soapies such as Isidingo and Gold diggers.

How do we make the model?

We first make investigations that contain design brief, specifications and constraints. Then we do initial ideas and freehand sketches. Then we make designs that include First Angle Orthographic Projection and Isometric Drawing. It is only then we go to collect the materials and tools to make the model.

By: Liselihle Majola

2015/2016 Annual Matric Oral Presentation

Six of our industrious learners taking part in the 2015/2016 annual matric Oral presentation were outstanding in public speaking and were adjudged the best school amongst the 16 school in the circuit. The garland performance of learners like Gcilitshana Sibonise, Luyolo Maweza, Lulama Maweza and Likhona Mkiva, to mention but a few, were just remarkable. They came up with distinction in paper 4 which is constitutes to their final continuous assessment. To the class of St. Matthews Matric 2015, we say Kudos and wish them all the best in their final exam.

LRC 2015

President Maweza Luyolo
Deputy President Siboniseni Gcilitshana
Secretary Siphosethu Jemsana
Sport Yomelelani Mhlauli
  Sive Moyo
Entertainment Nolubabalo Gotyana
HIV & Welfare Lusanda Mpendu
  Anga Hashe
SCO George Masibulele
Debate & Literacy Ncuthukazi Thyali
Science Club Phiwokuhle Jim
Building & Grounds Namhla Mrwetyana
Grade 8 Ambesiwe Noruka
  Aviwe Dyani
  Sisonke Ntontela

SPORT SPOTLIGHT brought to you

by Sport Coordinator Ms P Blom

It’s been a fantastic play for all St Matthews Sport players and Supporters as we played against two (2) schools this term. It has not only been fun and games as we have lost a few times… But at the end its about enjoyment, good manners as a sportsmen/women and forming good relations both within Keiskammahoek and outside the borders of our district.

The results for Term to games were as follows:

St Matthews vs Mthwaku Junior (Away games)
Netball Team A 19-6 (to St Matt)
Team B 15-5 (to St Matt)
Team C 11-3 (to St Matt)
Team D 5-10 (to Mthwaku)
Soccer Team A 2-1 (St Matt)
Team B 2-0 (to St Matt)
Rugby Team A 5-5
Team B 10-5 (to Mthwaku)
St Matthews vs Unathi High School (East London)
Netball Team A 27-5 (to Unathi)/td>
Team B 19-5
Team C 11-3
Team D 15-5
Ladies Soccer Team A 1-0 (to St Matt)
Soccer Team A 2-0 (to Unathi)
  4-0 (to Unathi)
Rugby Team A 6-0 (St Matt)

Debate at St Matthews between grade 11 and grade 12

On the 15 of May 2015 the two senior grades at St Matthews’s high school locked horns as they debated a much heated topic. The grade 11 proposed that social grant in South Africa be abolished, this was however did not go down well with the grade 12 whom thought that in order for any country to succeed it needs to look after its young and old hence the grant system in SA caters for these two groupings. The opposition fired back stating that laziness and unemployment amongst youth are a result of the government wanting to control it by making it dependent on social grant.

The whole school attended and it was easy to see that everyone was interest and well entertained by the debate. After hours of battle it was up to the judge to rule, he criteria for judging included: relevance to the topic, vocabulary, stage presence and eye contact. Before giving the scores, Mihlai Khumalo who is a project manager for the Sifunda Kunye Literacy Project (SKLP) commended the students for going and doing extensive research on the topic she noted that it starts here, that a person you are and what you do now will determine where you are going in the next few years. She also gave an insightful look into the history of South Africa and reminded all the students in the hall that as; 20 years is a lot of human years but not so many in terms of a country, therefore South Africa is still young and still needs to grow, and growth can be defined in many ways but how it is up to you the youth to determine which growth you want for your country.

As it was already mentioned the competition was tough but there needed to be a champion and grade 11 beat grade 12 with just 1 point scoring 71 compared to the 70 points earned by grade 12.

It was a joy to see children so eager to express themselves and thinking critically with issues surrounding their country.

By: M. Khumalo

Gcilitshana Sibonose’s Matric Farewell Speech for Presentation of Token to Alumni


I had to give Mr. Wandisile Sixoto’s a standing ovation, not merely because of his good deliverance of his motivational speech, but because his work is partly responsible for who I am today and aspire to be. In a nutshell he is my role model. Through his work in poetry he inspired me to be who I am today. I remember distinctly 3 years ago I read his poem which is titled CALL ME MAD, I will quote the first few lines of the poem. It says

“I woke up on a dream and had a vision

I, me who grew beneath the line of poverty

I, who had a dream holding a diamond in my hand

And woke up with a pen a paper in my hand

Seems like words have become man’s greatest comfort”

Those words shook me to notice that I was settling for averageness and that I had a choice to make,

BE PHENOMENAL or BE FORGOTTEN. It was after reading that poem that I understood that in order to be PHENOMENAL I had to be ALLERGIC TO BEING AVERAGE. Circumstances are not what limits a person from being phenomenal, but rather circumstances should be turned to motivation in order to be phenomenal. The dream of me holding a diamond is me working towards doing politics in university next year and the pen and paper is me working towards entering university along with developing myself as an orator. After reading his poem I decided to join the debate club which had a huge impact on my life. There were obstacles and some negative comments however when I joined the club but that never stood in my way towards being PHENOMENAL. There is an old African proverb which says “if there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm”. So I broke through those “setbacks” because I have no enemy within me, I am an African and conscious of myself. There is too much to say and very little time but to be conclusive, Mr. Wandisile Sixoto played an integral part to who I was, who I am and who I will be. Without further ado I am here to present a token from the St Matthew’s family to our alumni for gracing us with their presence and sharing their wisdom with us on this propitious occasion. In French they say merci bien beacoup (thanks very much).

By: Sibonise Gcilitshana

Grade 12 Oral Presentations


We went to Vukile Tshwete on the 12th of August, to attend an event that was held by all high schools in Keiskammahoek. 6 learners were chosen for oral presentation in English and 6 learners were chosen for one in our home language Xhosa. We were accompanied by both our language teachers: Ms. Nangu and Ms. Maxengana. I was one of those that were chosen for English, there were about four teachers at our table, who stood as judges and we had to present our topics to them so that they would ask us questions based on them. We worked as a team and our marks in English were increased by 5 marks although our marks in Xhosa were decreased, they did their best and all would have not been possible without their presence. Afterwards we went for lunch and took a safe journey home.


By: Siyamthanda Mgunculu


A commercially viable but badly containing platinum group metal has been found on a shaft belonging to the tribe in rural South Africa. Drill samples proved that the roof lies at a relative shallow depth only below surface. A division has been taken to sink a shaft to this depth to conduct local sampling on a small scale before dealing on a mining method that was best suitable for the size and value of the resource.

St. Matthews High School has decided to submit a teacher for this construction (Mr. Mxotwa).

This project/assignment consists of the following: scenario investigation, initial ideas, design brief, first angle orthographic projection, isometric drawings and budgeting & costing.

This project/assignment helped so much because learners showed so much and gave all their best in it.

This helped so much in this school & it also increased the number of future technology engineers.

By: Ambesiwe Noruka (Tumie) & Asekho Kalashe (Simetu)

2014 Grade 12 Geography Class


We were given a task to make different types of drainage patterns. We learnt about many flows of the river and what causes them. We gained knowledge about rivers because not all of us knew that rivers flow in many directions and can form different patterns. We also learnt that for a certain pattern to take place it depends on the relief or topography of the land and the nature of the underlying rocks.


It was a very great experience and it won’t be easy to forget them because we got the chance to do the patterns ourselves.  


By: Somila Dyabuza

Participating at the Water Affairs Public Speaking Competition 2014

This year 4 of our pupils embarked on a journey to expand their horizon and experiment other aspects of their capabilities. Gcilitshana Siboniseni, Mahola Nonceba, Gladile Zikhona, Yekelo Babalwa, & Mase Thandolwathu took part in the public speaking competition facilitated by the Department of Water Affairs. Gcilitshana, Mahola, & Gladile went through the district level and headed towards the provincials, which took part on the 4th June, with Siboniseni holding 1st place, Gladile 2nd, and Mohola holding 3rd place. Unfortunately none of them won at the provincials, but all learners who took part got a bronze medal of participation and only the top 5 got silver medals with the gold 1 awarded to the provincial winner. Gcilitshana Siboniseni got 5th place and Mahola Nonceba got 4th place.

Presidents Awards Participants Doing It For the Community

Presidents Awards participants organized a June 16 Sifunda Kunye Youth Tournament and Keiskammahoek Child & Youth Care Centre Visit.

The TPA participants with their award leader were working with Councillor Ngcofe and St. Mathews Mission Youth Soccer and Rugby teams. The Award Leader Lwazi Mbambo said; “The tournament and visit at Keiskammahoek Child & Youth Care Centre was to boost and motivate young people to be active in their society and leave a healthy life style by understanding their critical role which they should play in developing their community”. The theme for the day was “Commemorating Youth Day: 20 Years into Democracy.”

2014 LRC and Leadership Group Training

The University of Fort Hare Foundation for Ethical Youth Leadership (FEYL) did a training on “Effective and Good Leadership” & “Understanding Ethics and Ethical Leadership” for the Learner Representative Council and Leadership Group at the Media Centre.

Mr. Tando Rulashe from FEYL said, “The level at which the students articulated their points and arguments really showed how great their capacity is as leaders and future economic contributors in the Republic.

2013 Best Learner

I live by a quote from Anthony Robbins which is my motto and it says : “More than anything else, I believe it’s our decisions, not the conditions of our lives that determine our destiny.”

I remember late January 2013 when I made a pact with Lindikhaya Ntokwenzani who was a matriculant. We made an agreement that one of us has to be the Best Learner of the year that year. We were really against the norm that “Girls are smarter than boys”. As a result of our hard work and determination we both came first place in our grades at the end of the year and I got the blazer of honour for Best Learner of the year academically.

In addition to being the best in my grade in physical sciences, mathematics and english, I was also active in extra-curricular activities, that is debating (public speaking) and chess. It was the most wonderful feeling to be honoured on that day and I urge every learner to aim for it regardless of who or where you come from.

By: Sibonise Gcilitshana

WITS Targeting Talent Programme 2014


As much as you can’t wait for Targeting Talent Programme sessions, the words I’m bored, I’m exhausted and I want to go home inevitably cross our lips sooner than you think.Gawsh! Walking in two lines, chicken dances (I hated this one). Talking about how exhausting school is … Try TTP!


4 hours of maths and physics isn’t enough, waking up at 4:00 AM and going to bed at 22:00 PM was just something else … You’d swear we were in prison. My one word for TTP — “TORTURE.”


Above all the imprisonment, what we learnt is beyond. Besides academics, TTP connected us with people from different races and backgrounds, we learnt our strengths and weaknesses, our limits and degree of determination, we learnt how precious time is and to make the most out of opportunities, we learnt to be grateful of what we have. TTP taught us who we are and made us realise what we want to strive to become.


It was hard breaking out of our comfort zones but it pushed us to reach beyond. We were challenged academically and pushed beyond our limits but I’m glad to say it was all worth it. We are inspired and fulfilled, with a renewed sense of faith that as long as we keep working hard and doing our best to achieve our goals, we will achieve more than expected!!


BY: Nada Zenkosi Pearl Myataza

2014 Bronze Hiking to Dontsa Mountain

Every journey has its own destination. In life we learn to walk through hard and rough paths. Life is a spectacular show on earth, it has ups and downs and some people will try to track you, but you have to believe in yourself.

Presidents Award is not only about having fun, it also involves changing people’s lives and making them better. It is not easy waking up knowing that you have a job that doesn’t pay you, but it’s what we do to show love and support to people around us. It is what we do to let people know we are the heroes and heroines for them to lean on our shoulders.

Sometimes I felt like giving up, but I remembered that I have touched people’s lives in such a way that they rely on me. It was never easy to save money because I wanted to buy gifts for people who never received gifts in life.

The journey that we had on the 08th of August 2014 was not just a journey, but we were exposed to how hard life can be and that we should never ever give up easily, no matter what. At first, it was easy because we were not yet feeling the thorns on our skins; we were not yet feeling the heavy burdens we were carrying. We were all united, showing love to each other. We played like five year old kids, we sang songs which were really hilarious, we laughed out loud at the top of our voices, and we were united. We spent the night with smile on our faces; nobody had a problem with the idea of sleeping in tents and waking up early in the morning. When we had to go back home, I felt like I was going to die, the pain was really persuading me to cry but I didn’t, why would I? . . . I tried to walk until I reached a point where I felt like it’s over, my knee was sore, but to me it is a minor because I’m always ready to pass any storm. We enjoyed ourselves and thanks to PRESIDENTS AWARD.

By: Babalwa Yekelo