The Library services desk is at the main entrance of the Library. It provides checkout and check-in services to Library users of St. Matthews High School. It also handles the charges for overdue and lost Library material.


The Library has computers set aside for your use and the Librarian is responsible for services such as the issuing of computer usage cards for these computers in the (LIB online corner) and also handle general enquiries. Full Internet access is available so that you can browse the World Wide Web for information or to keep contact with friends of family via e-mail. Word processing programmes enable you to prepare your assignments for printing.


Note: Printing facilities are available at the Media Centre. 


The computers are heavily used and the Library operates a booking system to ensure that all students get equal access to use them. Preference is given to students using the computers for academic purposes. If you are not using a computer for this purpose you may be asked to give up your place for someone with a more urgent need.


There’s an area to leave your bags while you are in the Library. Photocopying facilities are available in the front desk and the cost per page is currently 20c.


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