What’s love got to do with it?

It is every day that you claim to love me
As much as I don’t want to, I believe you
You hurt my feelings knowing you’ll apologise …
What’s love got to do with it?

You tell me that I live alone in your heart
But I feel crowded what’s love got to do with it?
You do as you please and I do as you please but honey …
What’s love got to do with it …

You smile at me, hold my hand,
Look into my eyes and say you love me
But little do I see that love’s got nothing to do with it
I feel like walking away but love pulls me back …
 But then what’s love got to do with it?

But guess what! I’m wiping my Tears,
 Standing tall, keeping my Head up and
 Walking away from you because darling …
 Love’s got nothing to do with you

By: Siphelele Sixaka

For this is how I feel

I know that I may be wrong
For if how i feel will not be changed
For I feel like my people are against my happiness
And every time I think about you my heart crumbles
You make us feel like we intrude in your palace …

But since you opt to crumble our hearts
Because you know that we are not in a position to talk
For all we have to do is to listen
Because you know you are not vulnerable
For this is the way i feel and there is nothing
No soul can do about it …

For no cane can strike out the way I feel
No fire can burn out the way I feel
No water can quench out the way I feel
Only your words can change the way I feel
I know that no leaner is greater than
The master. But that does not mean that
The master has no mistakes and the leaner cannot see them
For now I’m older and wiser and I can see clearer
Nothing hurts more than suffering
For someone else’s mistakes. And  nothing hurts
More than crying for someone else’s bad decisions
For I hate no sole but inequality is what I fight
Against .even if it costs the last drop of my
Blood to fight for what I think is my right
Then I shall fight and face my grave

And I know that this poem is deep
So it means it comes from deep down
In my heart. I don’t want to say it comes from
The bottom of heart because you won’t understand
How much pain you cost me.
I can say I’ve been through the worst in you
For this is you I ‘m explaining here 

By: Mokoena Lydia


Mother mother …

She’s my everything
She gives me everlasting hope 
Encouragement words 
My pillar of strength
She’s my best friend
No words can describe
How much she means to me
Mothers are really special
Mothers are really caring and kind
Mothers hold a special place in our hearts
And stir our emotions when their names
Are mentioned or remembered

Mother …

For all times you’ve been there
From the day I was born you’ve always
Given me courage
To do as I perform
You call to say hello
You spend notes to say you care
And when we are together