Welcome 2022

We would like to welcome all to 2022. During the past year our school has faced many challenges. Our school will overcome these challenges and continue to work hard to achieve the best outcome possible for all our future leaders.

We would like to congratulate our class of 2021 on a overall pass rate of            81.9 %, our breakdown of results are as follows:

Bachelors 62

Diploma 28

Certificates 24

total number of learners that wrote was 138, total of 114 passed. Let the class of 2022 make everyone proud and aim towards a 100% pass rate.


School opening : 19th of January 2021

A day full of excitement, nerves, being anxious and truly happy, the first day of school. It is where we as a school premises have new pupils who’ll be joining our school or the family as we usually say. We’re here to show the good and the bad days of high school. Even how we as a school premises play with books, how we cooperate and also how we truly are welcoming.

At the assembly, the most precious place where we pray and announce the most important things for the school. On the first day of school, the principal does the welcoming speech, most importantly welcoming the new ones which are the ones doing grade 8 telling them the pros and cons of high school.

A message from the Newsletter writer Natasha Mpondo to the new school pupils and the entire school : We are basically a school that finds ends to the beginning. Why? Let’s be specific : When we say we find our ends to the beginning, we say the success of this school never ends, we’re always hungry for success and being the well known. We are meant to be a historic school because we strive and always leave a mark. As a new person to the family have the characteristics of a St Matthew’s learner. We welcome you to this wonderful school premises. There’s still a lot to come.

Going to the pupils who have been here for years, let’s teach them how it is done. As I said we find our ends to the beginning, success never ends here. We’re meant to be like this, we are SAINTS. Kids you’ll see how it is done. If you have the VOICE to speak, the body to play, the intellect join one of the school clubs that will be presented to you in each class. Remember to find your end to the beginning, the success will never end. I’m saying it repeatedly because I know how we as a school strive. It’s time to play with the books, Saints. Welcome to St Matthew’s.

Wishing everyone all the best in academics.

St Matthew’s first day of school.

Authores : Mpondo Natasha