Welcome to 2021

17 February 2021


On behalf of the faculty of St Matthews we would like welcome all back to 2021 and wish all a prosperous 2021.

Since the start of this school year, educators, management, SGB was hard at work to allocate work for educators, analyzing the 2020 results, time tables and preparation of the the curriculum for each educator. We are proud to say that the planning of the returning of learners was successful and the learners was welcomed and teaching started on the 15/02/2021.

The hostel was cleaned and all learners welcomed to hostels on the 14/02/2021. The capacity of our hostels is 300, 100 at Wadell and 200 at Cullen. Unfortunately the issue of COVID19 has meant that we could not take learners to full capacity this term.

On our first  day we welcomed back grade 12,11 and welcomed our new grade 8 classes.

Attendance was appreciative as it is on 394 learners. Learners welcomed, we couldn’t assemble them in one place due to COVID but we welcomed them class by class then welcome all the grade 8 in our school.