Cape Town Festival by Sanga Mabulu Sifunda Kunye Facilitator


Cape Town back yard arts festival.

Sifunda Kunye employee Sanga Mabulu attended a workshop in Cape Town 8 to 14 February 2022.

The concept of the backyard art/drama is an important concept as it showcased that talent can be showcased anytime at any location.

About theater in the backyard festival
Theater in the backyard mobile festival was held in Gugulethu, Cape Town. In this festival independent production were held in people’s backyard. This create an immersive artistic experience for audiences and performers. As Mhlanguli George (artistic Director) vision is to bring the art to the people. By staging productions in the township area to create accessibility.

Sanga quote was that she has gained valuable knowledge that will assist her very own drama club at St Matthews in Keiskammahoek.


The return of Mr Mnqoba

The returning of our principal : Mr Mnqoba

On the 16th of April 2021 on a Friday , when our principal returned. The staff and the pupils were at the assembly when this was announced. ” As a school we’ve been through alot and as a team we shall surrender, we will be back on our feet once again “that was said by Miss Blom , encouraging, realistic and solid words said by one of our teachers. That made me realize there’ll really be a change in our school. After Miss Blom gave us a glimpse of what the announcement will be about, our principal said some encouraging words and what his vision about school is. One of the words I remember that were said by Mr Mnqoba were that our school will be back on its feet once again and we’ll get our dignity back only if we work together as a team. I liked how the school pupils welcomed him and I keep reminiscing everything that happened that day, it was such a precious moment especially for us school pupils. What I learnt that day was that in life there are ups and downs and as a school we’ve through the downs now its time to be on our ups! Let St Matthew’s High school be the school that was known for the 100 percent pass rate once again, let it be a school full of historical moments and dignified students together with a dignified school staff. As a school that is our goal


and it is very compulsory for us to make that goal happen.

As a school we are ready, we are ready to make history in our province. We are one of the schools in the province that were known for a 100 percent pass rate, lets bring that back. My vow to you guys is that I will make sure that happens as you all know there’s an African leader who is the person that is known for good leadership skills and receives awards for good leadership that is, Amica Cabrau everything she touches turns into gold. She makes sure everything goes according to plan and I will do exactly that. Said by our principal, Mr Mnqoba. Such educational and encouraging words, he really does have the good characteristics of leading even by the person he looks up to as a person you can


The time has come, i repeat the time has come for our school to be back on its feet once again! We welcome our principal.

Authoress : Natasha Mpondo


In Loving Memory of Mr Nanginsimbi

In loving memory of St Matthews High School principal Mr Nangintsimbi

We ache with his passing knowing the role he played in building ties within the St Matthew’s family. A legend, a historian, a man of integrity full of wisdom and character, a humble man full of love, strength and encouragement to us. In life and now death, you wouldn’t want us to focus on the sadness and sorrow but to continue to love and support each other no matter the situation.

Your warm smile taught us that love reigns supreme. This is what those who were fortunate enough to know you will remember you by. You referred to all of us by our clan names and that we have adopted. But . . . no matter how skillful a teacher/ principal and administrator he was . . . no matter how patient and how kind he was with us . . . no matter how much energy he put into making us the best readers we could possibly be (as we sometimes consulted our dictionaries because of his good command of the language English) . . . Mr. S C Nyangintsimbi touched some of our hearts in very special ways that we can never, ever accurately or fully explain with the mere tools of these earthly written words . . . . only a heavenly based language is capable of conveying that message . . .

Rest easy Gambu, Memela, Msuthu, Nontuli, Ngwekazi!!!!

Bidding Farewell to Mr Adabla

Farewell Mr Adabla

Bidding farewell to a teacher is always hard as words spoken never seem to be enough, saying goodbye is never simple especially to a teacher like you. Even though at times we were naughty with a bad attitude but putting aside a side our mischief and noise, teachers like Mr Adabla are extremely prized and adored, the reason his class was fun is because he always sparked inspiration and interest within us. We hope to see you again Mr Adabla and also that you are having fun at your new school and new post. As you know, we love you and you will always be remembered in our hearts and minds. But you know as they say “teacher’s words are the sparks that light up works of imagination in their students minds”.

Written By Mamayo Awonke


Welcome to Ziyanda Thompson

Getting to know the new Lab Facilitator at St Matthews, Ziyanda Thompson

I grew up in Mdantsane, but moved to Keiskammahoek with my family in 2016. Im currently studying at the University of Fort Hare towards a Bachelor Arts Honours in History,

I was a tutor at Fort Hare Univisertiy  prior to getting this job.  My fondness started when I saw first-hand the struggle of some student with researching assignments and doing basic computer work in University, many of the students has had no prior exposure to computers.

When I heard St Matthews High school was looking for someone to assist learners with computer classes I jumped at the chance because I knew the experience would also benefit me as much as the it would the learners.

On the 4th May 2018, I received the call I had been hoping and praying for, I was selected as Facilitator for CAMI, so I must admit I had no real knowledge or experience with CAMI. What excited me the most was knowing I would be helping educate learners from my village not just with using a computer but also help improving their maths and English as well, thanks to the CAMI software.

I am finding CAMI quite fascinating and helpful and I look forward for it to be incorporated to all schools, as it is not just makes things easier for the learners and for the teachers as well. With a system like it we won’t just be able to pin point the problem areas in real time but it also offers assistance to the learner in the form of speed notes.


Written by Ziyanda Thompson

St Matthews High School Welcomes Our New Principal Mr. Ngqoba

Mr. Ngqoba is the Principal of St Matthwes High as from towards the end of the year 2016 after final exams. He is replacing our Acting Principal Mr. Adekponye who was the former Deputy of Mr Gquma as from last year July until the era of new our Principal Mr Ngqoba end of November 2016.

Mr. Ngqoba have an experience of this position as a school Principal, he was the principal at East London District at at one of the high schools of MooiPlus. He is very happy to be part of the staff of St. Matthews and as a school Principal because he is already sharing Ideas and experience with the School teaching staff and school staff in different categories. Because he want to build the school in all structures e.g Best learners, best school with best quality results in all classes especial grade 12 as from this year upwards and best leadership skills in all categories e.g. there is several leadership workshops and trainings, St. Matthews most of the time is the part of those trainings and workshops.

He continue to build a strong bond with the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (St. Matthews Mission Parish) the founder of St. Matthews high school, he already had an official meeting that was include Diocesan Bishop, Bishop E.S. Ntlali, St. Matthews Mission Parish Archdeacon L.M. Ntshingwa, Principal of our twin school St. Andrews College of Grahamstown the purpose of the meeting was discussion for future planning’s. He also meets with the school donor from America MR. Andrew Summers he is the founder and CEO of Calaber Foundation and South African Project that is called SIFUNDA KUNYE LITARECY PROJECT (He is working hand to hand with Zander, Jolande and also Lux as a link communicator)

Written by LUX

Deputy Principal Mr Eman Adekponya Retires

Sifunda Kunye Educational Project wishes Deputy Principal Mr Eman Adekponya a well-deserved retirement.

Mr Adekponya is a well-respected physical science teacher based at one of our partner schools, St Matthews High School in Keiskammahoek, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Mr Adekponya is a focused, straightforward man with integrity.

Thank you Mr Adekponya, today we wish you well, your inspiration and difference you made in so many lives has been inspirational. You might be leaving teaching, but lesson learnt will forever remain.

Enkosi Tata from all pupils past and present, teachers at St Matthews High School, and Sifunda Kunye Educational Project.