Cape Town Festival by Sanga Mabulu Sifunda Kunye Facilitator


Cape Town back yard arts festival.

Sifunda Kunye employee Sanga Mabulu attended a workshop in Cape Town 8 to 14 February 2022.

The concept of the backyard art/drama is an important concept as it showcased that talent can be showcased anytime at any location.

About theater in the backyard festival
Theater in the backyard mobile festival was held in Gugulethu, Cape Town. In this festival independent production were held in people’s backyard. This create an immersive artistic experience for audiences and performers. As Mhlanguli George (artistic Director) vision is to bring the art to the people. By staging productions in the township area to create accessibility.

Sanga quote was that she has gained valuable knowledge that will assist her very own drama club at St Matthews in Keiskammahoek.


Annual prize giving 2021

Our annual prize giving was an memorable event this year, we celebrated all our top achievers and ended our service with a special prayer service for our grade 12 learners.

We would like to thank Sanga from Sifunda Kunye and Sifunda Kunye drama learners for making this event spectacular.

Beautiful drama lesson by Sanga from Sifunda Kunye


During women’s month it is important to be strong, hardworking, be an inspiration to yourself and others. Reach for the stars.

A dance and movement – when words cannot express our inner emotions.


Siyanda Quma inspiring artist


The inspiring story of Siyada Quma.

Siyanda Quma what an inspiring artist.

Siyanda has a natural talent, through had work and dedication and the believe “pursue your dreams’’ he has inspired many at St Matthews High School. Sifunda Kunye educational project facilitator Sanga Mabulu that is full time at St Matthews has guided and encouraged this young man.

Siyanda is an artist striving for success, his raw talent is pleasant. Siyanda has a talent as a artist and expresses himself though is drawings.

He hopes his art will take him places. Siyanda is quiet and pleasant person, and he hopes his art will speak to many.

If you look at art though drawings, the feeling of escaping reality and receiving a message though the eyes of the artist.

Siyanda decided to share one of his drawings with us, which is based on colorism.

The artist said, ” The drawing is based on the disease of vitiligo and it has a black person that has this disease , but I want to express it based on colorism. We’re basically talking about colorist painting characterized using intense color which becomes the dominant feature of the resultant work of art, more important than its other qualities. ”

Many that learnt from Siyanda’s paintings said about the story behind the drawing was that art can be expressed in different types of ways which seems to be interesting and so cliché in a way.  Art is art and it is meant to be expressed. Well done to Siyanda for inspiring us all by showing how talented our pupils are any child can be so talented in a miraculous way.


Let us actualize our aspirations, let’s follow and pursue our dreams.


Sifunda Kunye drama at our literacy center

5 August 2021

Sifunda Kunye drama instructor Sanga Mabulu teaching a class on warm up and focus.

Sifunda Kunye has a full time drama instructor that teachers classes to grade 8 to 12 Tuesdays to Fridays.



St Matthews High School Drama Learners