2014 National Science Week

On the 4th to 8th of August, we participated in the national science week which is held every year at different universities nationally. We were competing against many different schools, with lots of learners. We participated in 3 competitions: poster presentation, bridge building and maths quiz, two of which we managed to win (poster presentation and bridge building) both second place. Unfortunately we did not win the maths quiz, but this year has been an improvement because we were not so lucky the past 4 years. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! We are winners; the atmosphere was very exciting with the house cheering for the winning schools. The NSW was a success.

By: Nyovane Zanele

Model UN Debate (Partnering with St. Thomas Private School)

St Matthews High School, in conjunction with St. Thomas Private School, has been taking part in the Model United Nations Debate for the past six years. This is part of the extra-curricular activities initiated by Mr. Adabla. The following learners are representing the school and are mandated to represent Russia in the National Assembly: Khanya Sebone, Sibonise Gcilitshana, Sichumiso Sidzatane, Zikhona Gladile, Aphelele Michael Jaceni and Nonceba Mahola. They have been tasked to finding a resolution to the Syrian crisis by deducing an amicable means of resolving the war through peaceful dialogue. Richie, Dave and Isabelle from St Chad’s College in the UK are assisting with the collection of data and preparation towards the competition.

St. Thomas has been constantly visiting St. Matthews School in order to brainstorm the setup of the speeches etc. And St. Chad’s volunteers helping the learners out with everything and taking them throughout the whole process. It’s a very interesting form of debate which is highly educative; it takes the format of the proceedings in the National Assembly and held in the provincial legislature in Bhisho. About 260 schools representing 65 countries are expected to participate in this year’s competition and St. Matthew’s partnering with St. Thomas Private School are keen in making headway in this year’s competition. We wish them all the best in all their endeavours.

By: Sibonise Gcilitshana, Nonceba Mahola & Zikhona Gladile