Environmental Awards Competition

On 13 August 2015 Gcilitshana, Mahola, Hangana, Makhuzeni, Gladile, Tyali and Mpana took part in the Environmental Awards Competition representing St. Matthews High School Geography Learners.

The results were announced at 16H15(Regent Hotel) that we managed to place second in the Regional phase 2015 and won R15000 for our school. When I first heard the news, I was very ecstatic, my hands were shaking and my heart was beating faster than usual.

East London offered us a great time and I truly admire the beauty and kindness of the Department of Environmental Affairs who served us.

This for us has been an incredible achievement, as learners of St. Matt, we are grateful for this opportunity. We hope to take first place next year.

By: Sisonke Makhuzeni

Physical Sciences Laboratory Equipment Sponsored by Sifunda Kunye

St. Matthews Science learners would like to thank Sifunda Kunye for sponsoring 14 laboratory coats and 10 Gas cans. We greatly appreciate this gift because we were not carrying out experiments consisted of strong acids and bases as it was not safe without Lab Coats.

By: Magijima Sanelisiwe, Tyhali Ncuthukazi & Mkoyi Liyabona

2014 National Science Week

On the 4th to 8th of August, we participated in the national science week which is held every year at different universities nationally. We were competing against many different schools, with lots of learners. We participated in 3 competitions: poster presentation, bridge building and maths quiz, two of which we managed to win (poster presentation and bridge building) both second place. Unfortunately we did not win the maths quiz, but this year has been an improvement because we were not so lucky the past 4 years. V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! We are winners; the atmosphere was very exciting with the house cheering for the winning schools. The NSW was a success.

By: Nyovane Zanele

2014 Environmental Affairs Global Warming and Climate Change Competition

Mr. Mzikayise Sohena, a Geography teacher, and 12 learners from St. Matthews High School did it again at the Environmental Affairs competition, which was conducted by Amatole Municipality on “Global Warming and Climate Change.”

St. Matthews High School team managed to secure a second place in the competition which awarded them a Cup and R15,000.00 for the school. All learners who participated were very happy and singing SAINTS! SAINTS! SAINTS! SAINTS!

Environmental Affairs

On the 13th of august, Sibonise Gcilitshana, Somila Dyabuza, Olwethu Nciza and Avile Mbenya went on a competition in East London to compete against several schools. The main objective for the competition was to propose renewable energy solutions for the lack of electricity and climate change factors affecting the Eastern Cape Province. The competition was really tough. Many schools presented other alternatives that posed a threat to us, but we were able to come up with one of the best solutions in the whole competition, which enableed us to win 2nd place and bring back home a prize of R15,000. We lost to St Christopher’s, but we did the best we could to uplift the name of our school and market it.