Visit from St Andrews

We were visited by our partner or as we like to call them our sister school, the principal of the St Andrews school inspired all our learners. The partnership between our school have inspired many great achievements over many years that will be written down in history. We were reminded that hard work pays off and united we stand.

St Matthews would like to thank St Andrews visiting and making history that will be remembered for generations to come. St Andrew’s has been resourceful over many years, and we are eternally grateful.


Bumbi Exhibition 2021

The Bumbi’ngomso exhibition

On the 15th of April , on Thursday. we had an exhibition that was done by the Bumbi’ngomso campaign. The Bumbi’ngomso campaign is all about building sisterhood , it involves girls and it is basically a session between girls and women only. It is very fun, interesting and therapeutic. They get to teach us everything about girls and we get the right to ask questions in order to know about ourselves as ‘girls’. The theme that day was Intro to I ” that means we get to talk about everything that happens to us young girls, the good and the bad.

The Bumbi’ngomso campaign workers introduced themselves and told us about the theme. There was music in order for us to feel comfortable before we start the session. After 10 minutes the real deal we came there for, started. We were grouped into 30s.

Important things we heard while we were having the session and we got to present. Each presenter had five minutes to present that was a bit hectic but we had fun at the same time. I was one of the presenters, I actually did perfectly, but I was panicking also chilled at the same time, cliché”. The participants which are the scribes and presenters of each group got special rewards and the rest of the girls was given Bumbi’ngomso backpacks witch included; Bumbi’ngomso magazine called the Yaka Magazine and’ sanitary pads. We were also told as participants to start the Bumbi’ngomso clubs of ten girls at our school and when we’ve progressed with these groups they will visit our school again.


When the exhibition ended we were given some snacks.

I enjoyed and I learnt a lot from that exhibition, all the girls that attended agreed, we had fun, we were educated, it was therapeutic and quite emotional exhibition.


All in all we learnt alot from the Bumbi’ngomso exhibition, We learned valuable life lessons that we go through as girls in life.

I believe that Black Girls will always strive for success. We are queens, usually called iimbokodo ( rocks ) and we havevoic es and leadership skills, We can lead!

Written by: Natasha Mpondo


Welcome 2019

Wow! what an amazing day, it was a day to be remembered because I finally got to see my friends. Everyone had a smile on their faces except some of the new Grade 8s. I was so over joyed to be a grade 9 learner. we went to a welcoming ceremony at the school church. We arrived at the church and sat down then one of our teachers stood and welcomed us with an encouraging and inspiring message. Then our lovely choir sang for us and the song was so nice that I even sang along with them. The message that we got from the teachers, pastor and our principal was so motivating. What I took away from it was that I should work hard and look forward to every opportunity and even challenges that come my way. The best thing was that we should not give up on anything because of what people say about you because that can destroy your confidence. Also know what you want in life don’t depend on other people’s things, have your own things and focus on your studies to make yourself and your parents proud.




Written by Awonke Mamay



Career Exhibition

On the 3rd of March 2017 students from Grade 9 & 10 visited Briedbach Secondary School in King William’s Town. Universities that did presented the career exhibition were Fort Hare University, Walter Sisulu University. The career day assisted us all to gain knowledge of how to plan for our future studies and careers…. One important lesson we all learned and many forget or forgotten in South Africa — ”Education is the key to a successful future.”

Written by Ziyanda and Siima

St Matthews High School Visits Addo, Port Elizabeth – Columba Leadership Academy

During this past term on the 12th of February 2017, twelve learners from St Matthews High School visited Addo, Port Elizabeth. The twelve learners were chosen based on their essay that was written about “What would I like to change about my school, community and themselves”.

The 12 learners visited Columba Leadership Academy, learners learned about awareness, focus, creativity, integrity, perseverance and service as a leader. Quote of the day “Sharing resources selfishly and effectively, using your strength and experience to take meaningful action, let all contribute to the greater good”

Let us all activate the inner leader in ourselves as individuals, and remember we all have the potential to be a leader you just need to push in the right direction.

By Mbalentle Mafai Grade 11