The President Award Club organised its maiden programme for the year. It started off with a cultural display and poetic rendition. Melodious songs were performed by St Matthews’s pupils (Sibonise Gcilitshana, Luyolo Maweza, Sisipho Bashman and Buhle Yiwani). The singing was climaxed with a beautiful Xhosa poem presented by Luyolo Maweza to welcome the DSG and St Andrews college pupils.

Learners were separated into 7 groups whereby they had different topics to discuss regarding social and political issues in our country, as well as the world. This exercise brought the students together – building friendships, and getting to know one-another.

It was great to hear everyone’s opinion and gather different views on everyday-life issues which dealt with teenage-life. We thank St Andrews and DSG for the visit in our school, We had so much fun, and we would be so happy if we could do this some other time.

By: Bathandwa Mkiva, Sinazo Mgqobele, Sibonise Gcilitshana, Tim Paton