On the 4th of June 2018, The SKLP drama club went to Grahamstown Art Festival

We went to the international Library of African Music (ILAM), accompanied by  Mthwakazi.. Who is a musician and Plays an Instrument known as Uhadi, its one of the African ancient music instruments originally from South Africa..

We met Dr. Lee who is an expert in African Music Instruments and he and his team are on a verge to reintroduce the Ancient African Music instruments to the world and music industry. We were introduced to knew instruments that we never saw before and we had sessions with Dr. Lee and Mthwakazi about ILAM and brainstorming sessions on the challenges faced by many Young Lady’s and we had the privilege to learn how to play uHadi and we made a dance using uHadi as our music instrument and used one of the methods Dr. Lee taught us on an instrument used for a dance that was intended for self-defense and we made a dance on defending The Young Lady’s who are sexually abused.

We had unquestionably show stopping performance and unforgettable experience.

Mihlali Tiso