Chess Committee

President: Nkomo Siphesihle
Vice President: Moss Babalwa
Organizer: Roqo Avuyile
Secretary: Pase Hlonela
Committee Member: Adams Achumile

At the moment the club has 21 active members and a standing committee comprising of five members. We meet every Wednesdays during sports time that is from 12pm to 2pm.For now, since we still awaiting equipment we meet in the computer lab but as soon as the equipment arrives we will split our meetings between the lab for theory lessons and the library for practice.

As it stands we are left with the tournaments scheduled for the 28th of May 2016 and the two day tournament on the 29th and 30th of July 2016.Attending these remaining tournaments would be a good confidence booster for the learners in the sense that the players at this level are very competitive and goal oriented, this on its own plus the added exposure is a plus for the learners in the club.

In terms of tournaments we usually take a total number of 12 players chosen from the pool of players we have in the club. The learners play against themselves and the top 12 are the ones that represent the school.