During the December holidays of 2019 the school took on the big project of redoing the flooring at the Cullen Hostel, as well as painting the inside of both Hostels, demolishing dangerous sites in both Hostel grounds.

The floors were previously hardwood but the issue was that the wood was crooked and old, so it was decided to replace the hardwood with tiles. During the process of removing the wood flooring it was discovered that there were electricity wires running underneath the floors. This new found issue posed a huge challenge for the team of community members tasked with doing this job. The SGB was now faced with the crisis of the possibility of schools opening in January with the flooring not finished. In light of this our quick thinking SGB members decided to appoint a contractor to handle the difficult task of the wiring issue so that it could be done by qualified professionals. This unforeseen expenditure put more strain than anticipated on the schools finances, as well as leading to extending the time line of finishing.

We are thankful to the parents and community members of St Matthews because the showed true dedications and selflessness during a time busy family functions, even on the 24th of December they were busy fixing and cleaning the school as to make certain that when schools reopened everything would be spotless for our learners.

Written by Z. Thompson