Sifunda Kunye Reading Club facilitators 2021


What is reading clubs?

It’s a relaxed environment that is more like home than school. Nobody is forced to come – it’s something you choose to do. It’s a place where people who love stories and books meet regularly to read, tell stories and talk about what they are reading with children of all ages. Sometimes they also do other fun activities related to stories and books.  often there’s time for club members to write too… because reading and writing go together. All of these things can happen in any language – in fact, most of the clubs tell and read stories in at least two languages!

Sifunda Kunye reading clubs:

Sifunda Kunye reading clubs run on a specific guided program. (guided line program to assist with planning for reading club is attached below)

Sifunda Kunye has integrated recording sheets to reading clubs that records information for use by facilitators, teachers and Sifunda Kunye program manager to assess progress of all aspects of the clubs.

We included:

Planning guidelines of program, (you can edit to suite your time line etc.)

Evaluation of student facilitators

This assist in gathering of information to assist faculty and Sifunda Kunye to sculpt and improve facilitators in their roles. Assistance for recognising outstanding facilitators and then ultimately reward though the title of facilitator of the year.

Attendance register

Comment on reading club learners. Shows improvements, outstanding excellent achievement by learners or even identification of learners showing difficulties of specific literacy areas.

Creative activities collected and send home to show parents learners progress and activities in reading clubs.

Recording measures will also identify possible challenges and improvements, positive impact of reading clubs.

The outcome should always be to improve and to ensure good quality impactful reading clubs.

Simamkele Sityo,- reading club facilitator at St Matthews High School.

The Sifunda Kunye Program helped me to improve my skills and abilities to learn how to read and socialize with children from different backgrounds;  help improve their lives through reading, writing books , kindness and creativity. Every Saturday is way to impact lives. Throughout Art, Reading, Writing poems, Playing games, Singing, Dancing, we impact lives and create skills that is lasting. Personally I feel Sifunda Kunye reading Club genuinely means building confidence , making friends and having a lot of fun in the process. I enjoy being around each and every child and showing them the amazing world of Reading and Writing and showcasing their skills and talents. I know now by reading you can see the world in a different perspective. I believe that every person was born with intelligence and talent so this Club gives us a lot of opportunities learn and improve the lives of our school and community.

Philasande kama – Reading club facilitator at St Matthews High School.

I am currently doing grade 11 learner at St Matthew’s high school . I am a reading club facilitator for sifunda kunye  community reading club.
Since I was chosen as a reading club facilitator, I have grown to love  reading more, I have learnt patience. I love working with the little readers. working with children has played a huge role in my confidence, personality and the way I see things . I am now enthusiastic in everything I do. The idea of working and being part of a planned reading club makes me excited to engage children with exciting games and techniques that improves communication skills and makes the learners excited and more engaging every week.

Being part of this reading club this year will have a lasting effect on the way I see thing in life—adapting to different situations to accommodate needs is important.  I will forever remember the small contribution I made in benefiting our community kids through literacy.

Lisakhanya Zono—Reading club facilitator St Matthews High School.

I am currently in grade 11 at St Matthew’s High School . I am a reading club facilitator for the Sifunda Kunye community reading club .

Since I was chosen as a reading club facilitator I have grown to love reading , grown to be patient , enthusiastic in everything that I do . Working with children has played a huge role in my confidence , personality and the way I see things .

The reading club will help me in  future career as a social worker.  Requirement of being  a good social worker one requires one to be a good communicator , to be empathetic and be patient.  The reading club is grooming me into the a more successful person so I can pursue my passion.

My long term goal is to start a  organization that deals directly with children, mothers and women from abusive backgrounds.

Kuhle Bongco—Reading club Facilitator St Matthews High School

I am a grade 11 learner who was chosen to be the facilitator at St Matthew’s high school. Being in the reading club is a very big deal for me,  I like to work with children and i enjoy to being around them. The reading club has helped me to improved my self-confidence, I used to be very shy, but now I am talkative and a go getter. Working with the children and providing a feel safe environment to improve their literacy and creative skills have been a blessing.

Sifunda Kunye reading club has help my chose my future  career.  I want to be a  foundation phase teacher and impact young lives I a positive way . Skills I have learned this year, I would be able to apply and encourage literacy in a creative way, the importance of introduction the love of reading at a early age is vital.

Likhona Nobathana— Reading club facilitator at St Matthews High School.

I am a grade 11 learner at the St.Matthews Anglican High school, I’m from Alice and I’m 17 years old. I was chosen as a Reading facilitator.

I’m an introvert, I prefer small groups than large groups. Working with young children made me confident in accepting my own personality. I enjoy to spend time with children younger than me.

In Sifunda Kunye Community Reading club family I’ve learned a lot.  Things I have learned this year, a child learns best by being involved in learning, i learned that one mind, can sharpen many minds, i learned to be excited and not be afraid of new things, to be curious and Express yourself sincerely. To have a good heart and love.
I love being around children they’re are honest and refreshing and i love teaching them new things. Children are not afraid to express how they feel.
Being  a facilitator helped  me to offer support, and not to judge people from different backgrounds and to give advice when needed.  I will always love, adore and support our younger generations.

Amkele Manundu—Reading club facilitator at St Matthews High School.

I am a grade11 learner who was also chosen to be the Reading club facilitator at St Matthew’s High School. I am 16 years old and an introvert, always liked to be around children.

In the Sifunda kunye Community Reading club I have learned how to communicate with children and to improve my reading skills aswell. I think, whoever came up with the idea of having a reading club at our school was a genius, because the club allows the children to come out of their comfort zone, that allows us as facilitators to be patient when around the children because children learn at their own pace. Children get  bored very easy, they are impatient, that is why I think the fun activities that are being done at the reading club are good for them so that they don’t focus on anything else expect reading in a interactive way.

I know this experience will help me a lot in my career one day, the  skills one acquired from the reading club are huge. Skills learned so far is how to communicate well with others, I learn how to conduct yourself in front of others and that is exactly the skills I need to succeed in my career. Everything in the reading club is what I had hoped for and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

Siyolisiwe Kameni  — Reading club facilitator at St Matthews High School.

I am 16 years old doing grade 11 at St Matthew’s High school in Keiskammahoek.

I am a people’s person, I’m one of the Sifunda Kunye’s Facilitators and I am very grateful to be a facilitator, I love being around children,  I admire children’s endless energy, honesty, creativity and resilience. Children motivate me to be a better person and increase my own knowledge with all the curios questions they ask. I constantly find myself looking for answers in books and online. Children helped me gain confidence and grow an identity, knowing that my job is to help children achieve their potential , feel happier, safe  and a increased confidence in themselves, brings a huge smile to my face!

Kamva Ntlebi  – Reading club facilitator at St Matthews High School.

I am currently in grade 11 at St Mathews High School . I am 18 years. I love reading club as reading is one of my hobbies .
The Sifunda Kunye  Community Reading club I have learned that caring for one another and being helpful to someone else is very important.

I love being around children, being around children brings out my inner child.

I have learned that we must treat each other with love and respect, no matter from what background we come. I love that the club has increased my patience.