The First Aid Kit

St Matthews was invited to the Nkonkobe pharmacy in Alice.

Four students were invited, myself, two grade 11 learners and one grade 10 learner, along with a trio of our teachers, Mr. Sohena, Miss Ncokazi and Mr. Mbambo and our four matrons.

On our way there we were not sure why exactly we were invited. When we got there, we got a very warm welcome from Mrs. Mjiwu, the pharmacist. Everything there was very tenderising, their service and everything.

We were then told what we were actually there for; we were surprised when we learned that we were being sponsored by the Nkonkobe pharmacy.

Apparently Mr. Mbambo has had a conversation with Mrs. Mjiwu since we have been having some health problems in the hostel. That has led to the pharmacy deciding to sponsor us with the first aid kit. It is known that St Matthews High School has been facing some problems with the boarders: stomach aches, headaches and so on. The teachers together with us lLearners) and matrons were very pleased and happy with the great deed of the Nkonkobe pharmacy.

This was such a great matter to an extent that one of the the Dikelethu newspaper pupil was there to observe and even took pictures of what was taking place.

All the teachers, matrons and one learner (me) on behalf of the others, gave a word of thanks to the pharmacist, Mrs. Mjiwu, for seeing to it that St Matthews should have a first aid kit to at least decrease or ease the concern of St Matthews hostel residents, teachers and matrons on the little sicknesses that can be home cured. One would go to the clinic or hospital just for headache or a wound now that will no longer carry on with the first aid kit around.

A great thanks to the pharmacy. It is indeed a great privilege to us.

By: Nyovane Zanele