We arrived on time at The Presidents Awards Offices where we were welcomed with warm hands. As we arrived, the Presidents Awards team from Grahamstown were heading to the Albany Sports Fields to arrange the event and we were fortunately available and prepared to assist them. As Presidents Awards participants, it was a privilege to be able to assist people during the event.

The Fun-Run was about to start, all participants were getting ready at the starting line, it was a tough 5KM run, but at the same time was a good experience. We were taught that competition isn’t always about winning, but trying your best and participate with determination. Perseverance also assisted us during the competition.

We were accompanied by our caring leader, Mr L Mbambo, who is always encouraging us. We would like to thank Mr Mbambo for his hard work throughout the year.

By: Yamkela Netjies, Asive Simetu, Baphelele Mqikela and Nokwazi Maketi