The return of Mr Mnqoba

The returning of our principal : Mr Mnqoba

On the 16th of April 2021 on a Friday , when our principal returned. The staff and the pupils were at the assembly when this was announced. ” As a school we’ve been through alot and as a team we shall surrender, we will be back on our feet once again “that was said by Miss Blom , encouraging, realistic and solid words said by one of our teachers. That made me realize there’ll really be a change in our school. After Miss Blom gave us a glimpse of what the announcement will be about, our principal said some encouraging words and what his vision about school is. One of the words I remember that were said by Mr Mnqoba were that our school will be back on its feet once again and we’ll get our dignity back only if we work together as a team. I liked how the school pupils welcomed him and I keep reminiscing everything that happened that day, it was such a precious moment especially for us school pupils. What I learnt that day was that in life there are ups and downs and as a school we’ve through the downs now its time to be on our ups! Let St Matthew’s High school be the school that was known for the 100 percent pass rate once again, let it be a school full of historical moments and dignified students together with a dignified school staff. As a school that is our goal


and it is very compulsory for us to make that goal happen.

As a school we are ready, we are ready to make history in our province. We are one of the schools in the province that were known for a 100 percent pass rate, lets bring that back. My vow to you guys is that I will make sure that happens as you all know there’s an African leader who is the person that is known for good leadership skills and receives awards for good leadership that is, Amica Cabrau everything she touches turns into gold. She makes sure everything goes according to plan and I will do exactly that. Said by our principal, Mr Mnqoba. Such educational and encouraging words, he really does have the good characteristics of leading even by the person he looks up to as a person you can


The time has come, i repeat the time has come for our school to be back on its feet once again! We welcome our principal.

Authoress : Natasha Mpondo