Water crisis at our school

Every year we sit with this crisis, we are aware that we a water scares country but it is difficult especially for our hostels.

This happened again in March 2021 and we were sent home for 2 weeks, we were given assisgnements and home work.

when we came back we didn’t even revise we just wrote our term 1 exams / controlled tests, there was no time to get tuition from our educators or even a glimpse because the time to write exam or controlled tests was around the corner. If we weren’t taught something, we wrote two or three major subjects in one day, some could not even study all the subjects at the same time because they were behind, in order for the learner that was behind to understand something they have to be taught by fellow  pupils.

This water crisis that happens every year in our school holds a very bad impact and that is bad for our school. As a learner I advise the school to demand answers and feedback from the Department of Education,.

If we don’t take action  as a school, our school will always be behind in terms of tuition.


Authoress : Natasha Mpondo