On the 13 April 2015 St Matthews High was fortunate to be visited by the District Director ,who was  accompanied by Mr Mudau,  the Acting Ces for special schools ,together with Mr Gidi-Gidi  Deputy Director for ScM.The purpose of visit was a response to an invitation from BEN Paulun who is a representative of Calabour  Foundation. Calabour foundation is a partner to St Matthews High School. Their concern is the slow progress of the Hostel renovation, and they were therefore interested in finding out where the problem lies, as well as how they could be of assistance, in trying to speed up the whole process.

The meeting was very fruitful in the sense that even the Departmental officials got first-hand information about the situation by visiting the hostels, and even supplied Ben with the names of the relevant people to contact regarding the hostel renovation challenges. This also gave them an opportunity to see where they have failed in delivering services to the school.

The visit was concluded with a tour by all present, to the hostels.

By: X. Nangu