LRC Leadership Training Session

Leaders are said to be nurtured  not born. With that said, it is alright for leaders or should I say future leaders who holds so much power unto their hands must be trained, given techniques and ways on how to lead the flock.

When the University of Fort Hare facilitators came for the leadership training session which was held at St. Matthews High School organized by Mr. Lwazi Mbambo and Mr. Siyanda Mqalo. We knew little about what leadership was and how to lead others. Mr. Thando Rulashe from UFH came with so much gravity, in a way He left everyone who attended the session “wowed” with a perspective that said, how much of a true leader am I and we must believe in our leadership skills, have morals, be honest to those who we lead and not forget that their input and voices needs to be heard. Leadership is not measured monetary but by the smiles that the leader leaves behind when they passes through. In these words I believe.

By: Maweza Luyolo