In Loving Memory of Mr Nanginsimbi

In loving memory of St Matthews High School principal Mr Nangintsimbi

We ache with his passing knowing the role he played in building ties within the St Matthew’s family. A legend, a historian, a man of integrity full of wisdom and character, a humble man full of love, strength and encouragement to us. In life and now death, you wouldn’t want us to focus on the sadness and sorrow but to continue to love and support each other no matter the situation.

Your warm smile taught us that love reigns supreme. This is what those who were fortunate enough to know you will remember you by. You referred to all of us by our clan names and that we have adopted. But . . . no matter how skillful a teacher/ principal and administrator he was . . . no matter how patient and how kind he was with us . . . no matter how much energy he put into making us the best readers we could possibly be (as we sometimes consulted our dictionaries because of his good command of the language English) . . . Mr. S C Nyangintsimbi touched some of our hearts in very special ways that we can never, ever accurately or fully explain with the mere tools of these earthly written words . . . . only a heavenly based language is capable of conveying that message . . .

Rest easy Gambu, Memela, Msuthu, Nontuli, Ngwekazi!!!!