On the 7th of February 2020, LRC Elections were held at St Matthews High school. Before the election took place students were called to the Tebra Hall to hear the candidates deliver the speech on why they deserve the seat they are canvasing for. All the speeches we hear were good but we had to pick one that spoke to us the most. The Candidates were Buhle Siguqu, Emihle Tyhilekile, and Nikita Mbali.

After the speech giving was done we went to our classes, waiting for the teachers who were going to give us the election papers. After handing in our votes back to the teachers, then after a few minutes we were called to the assembly to be told the results. Miss Blom told us that of the 3 candidates, 2 will be Vice Presidents and 1 will be the President: Vice President of the school- Siguqu Buhle, Vice President of the Hostel – Mbali Nikita, and our President was called as Tyhilekile Emihle.

Everyone was extremely happy, including learners, teachers and Tyhilekile herself. Mostly the excitement was around the fact that a female student was our President. Pupils rejoiced and we took some pictures and videos just to reminisce that truly amazing moment.

On the 14th of February Tyhilekile delivered a speech at the assembly, telling us school pupils what she will do to make a difference in the school, academically and socially. What was truly remarkable and inspiring about these election results is that Tyhilekile Emihle is that she is academically strong and motivated, she has a vision for the school and herself. A quote from her speech “I am a women and she rules.” That was truly inspirational to us girls. We can even see positive changes within the school already, for example social clubs.

Written by Natasha Mpondo