The departure of one of our very own teacher – Mr. Antony Ukekwe

On Tuesday the 22 of May 2018, one of the school’s staff members left the school. Mr T. Ukekwe was with the school for 22 years, a veteran by many standards. A special school assembly was held to make the announcement that our teacher was leaving and that today was his last day at the school. Many of us were shocked by the news and could hold back the tears speeches were given by his colleagues, students and the man of the moment himself, and in his own words he said “My future is where the sun sets” and

to us it may feel like it’s darkness but to him this is his sun rise, the beginning of his future.

Mr Ukekwe will be principal at Thembalesizwe High School in King Williams town.

He was just an Educator but he played a father figure role to the whole of St. Matthew’s students. It’s really sad to see one of greatest teachers of all time to leave the school. He is St. Matthew’s and St. Matthew’s is him. He was also part of the Columba family and there is nothing greater then releasing a leader who has values that he’ll never forget and with the impact has in our lives it’s only fair to let others share the intelligence and wisdom in that man of God. Mr Ukekwe always looked on the bright side of every situation and saw the good in each and every one of his students. I can proudly say he has a heart of Gold. His teachings will always remain in our hearts and his advises will forever be remembered. His last words to us were “Take every opportunity that comes your way because you never know how much time you have”.

Written by: Mihlali Tiso