St. Matthew’s Grade10 Learners Visited St Andrew’s & DSG High School

On the 6 May 2015, as ST Matthew’s Grade10 learners visited ST Andrew’s & DSG high school. This was part of our annual learner day exchanged programme for all of us, this was an opportunity of a life time, a day we will never forget, having to spend a day and share a class with someone from a different racial group. St Andrew’s is a totally different school, with many opportunities that one can benefit from, besides studying

There is quite a lot of learning areas to choose from, e.g Biology, drama, music, design, French and Afrikaans. The learners at ST Andrew’s and DSG were very friendly to us and we felt so welcomed. The atmosphere there really inspire us to study hard in order to reach our own personal goals and dreams. The food was very delicious, infect, everything was just perfect. We would not even hesitate going back there, as we really had great time.