Adventurous Journey 8-10 March 2019.

Adventurous Journey

8-10 March 2019

Participants from Sifunda Kunye partner schools, Toise SSS, St Matthews High School, and  Hendrik Kanise Combined School took part in a 48 km hike during this weekend.

Participants were qualifying for their silver in The Presidents Awards level.


During our arrival at camp it was raining but we were determined to complete our camp and required km to qualify for our silver.

We hiked for 4km during the night walk, the following morning we hiked along the beach for 40 km and on the 3 day we hiked for 6 km.

This was a challenging hike, it rained the entire 3 days and 2 nights, all together it rained 124 mm during our camp, we were wet, tired but determined. We had to work together in teams to survive  the weekend. It took a lot of determination, teamwork, motivation and courage but we concurred and completed what we aimed to achieve.


Adventurous Journey 2018

St Matthews High School Drama Learners

Facilitator Training

St Matthews Debating Team Visits Bhisho Parliament. “SOPA 2017”

On the 11 of March 2017 the debate team represented St Matthews in Bhisho parliament. St Matthews was invited to the Eastern Cape Legislature in Bhisho to observe The State Of The Province Address Schools Debate 2017.We were very honoured to be one of the schools amongst the other schools to be chosen for the SOPA debate 2017.

There were four categories and in each category our learners participated, and delivered a speech. Overall winner of 2016 delivered a message of support, and then the premier “Mr Pumullo Musualle” delivered his speech. After the speech of the premier, the winners were announced from each category.

Thank you to our supportive principal and teachers for always supporting our debating team.